Available Spaces

Executive Suites


This handsome available space has all original fixtures from 1930's - a true Art Deco beauty. 352 Sq. Ft. of bright space with cork walls in a gradation on tones.  

Additionally this space, includes a spectacular black onyx fireplace with solid brass trim. To complete this offering: a private bathroom and a private inside office. (140 Sq Ft.)   

Heat Controlled Storage


Clean 5,618 Sq. Ft. is ready for easy access storage. This large space has convenient 'load-in' with our  freight elevator. It's a solid concrete floor for heavy pallets.  

This large building of storage and warehouse areas has ample available storage space. 

Small spaces on a first floor!


Smaller offices in a variety of sizes. Some are attached inside to other offices. Several available spaces to choose from and all have easy access from our wide open lobby area.  Because our buildings are so large, storage and warehouse space along with storage space is in abundance. 

Industrial Storage/ Work Areas


In one of several buildings, we have affordable

ground level newly available 4,300 Sq. Ft. This location is grounded in thick concrete, dry with 

wide load in / load out doorways and has high ceilings. This space may also be modified and

heated for encasing a custom workshop. 

Several Office Suites


Unique 2nd floor offices has plenty of available space. High ceiling, window views adjacent to a spacious hallway. (pictured right) We have storage and warehouse areas along with available storage space with easy access. 

Wide Open Hallways


It's a beautiful space! Carefully maintained and ready for your business! This particular location is near main highway corridors and we have plenty of parking. 

Even Our Big Warehouses Have Office Spaces!


Connected Office Space!

One location has it's own outside entryway making this available space especially convenient.  We also have storage and manufacturing opportunities along with available storage space.

Unique Spaces!

 This office area is great!  When combined, 1,066 Sq.Ft. becomes a large area of available space.   Also in this space is it's own furnace and restroom. Nearby is storage and warehouse space and conveniently available storage space.

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Bright Office Space Available for Customizing

Falahee Warehouse 1300 Falahee Road in Jackson, Michigan

Come and see our available space in an enormous warehouse and office building area!  

In the front area facing East is a long stretch of space for offices! Within this area there is storage and warehouse space. A combined 63,000 Sq. Ft. and available under a brand new roof (2 floors).  This location could serve as a perfect place for assembly tasks, training functions and or supply chain inventory areas. It's heated and next to a professional kitchen space. This area also has private entry, restrooms and lounge areas. It is a perfect available storage space structure.an


Prime Spaces for Manufacturing and Industrial Storage!

Secure, Clean, Bright and Professionally Managed!


Within our big industrial warehouses, columns within measured bays may be customized for privacy and security.  


Bright! New efficient LED lighting - some fixtures with motion sensors to save money for everyone! 

All Types of Manufacturing!


Our warehouses with available space are located near MAJOR highways in Mid Michigan. These storage and warehouse spaces are huge to also allow for convenient available storage space in the same location. 

Supply Chain Capabilities too!


We have labor/ forklift services available as well as systems in place to quickly activate supply chain tasks. Within plenty of available space we also have extensive warehousing areas for storage and manufacturing.